At Kraft Financial, LLC we are committed to serving our clients’ best interests.  We are never working in the interest of an outside investment or insurance company.  We are 100% independent and do not charge commissions on investments.  This means that we make recommendations without outside pressure, influence or quotas.  You, the client, are on the same side of table with us - analyzing the investments, products and services together to find the appropriate fit to pursue your goals.  We are NOT incentivized to take potentially harmful actions to meet company sales targets or product bonuses.  We recommend and implement investments, products and services with the client's interest front and center.

Why does independence matter?

As a registered investment advisor, our firm is designed from the ground up to engage with investors such that a person feels like they have a good financial track to run on.  To accomplish that, our goals are consistent with your goals:

  1. Customized guidance based on a client’s total financial picture.
  2. A relationship which is responsive, attentive and personal.
  3. A fee structure that is simple and transparent.
  4. A high level of experience to support client’s specific financial needs.
  5. Cybersecurity protections for your account(s) provided by our custodian - TD Ameritrade.
  6. An enjoyable educational process.